nkf board and exco were misled!

there is an article by adrian tan(in today paper) taking the line that nkf board and exco could have been misled. that they did not have the full picture when approving all the extravagance. this is not too farfetched from another view that the board and exco were mesmerised by a charismatic ceo. how silly! are the board and exco all boy scouts and girl guides? these are top notched people who have rose to the top of their profession, with a whole life of working experience and professional trainings. would they be like school girls looking gaga at their idol, the ceo? or were they all sleeping at board meetings, not knowing what was happening? let's wake up and face the hard realities. the whole thing would not have gone that far without the acquiescence of the board and exco. and please do not claim that they were volunteers and shall not be held responsible for fraud and neglect of fiduciary duties. no volunteer shall walk away free if they are part and parcel of a fraud. anyone who does not have the time or dedication to serve must not accept such an important appointment. it is simply irresponsible. are singaporeans really that stupid to even think of such reasonings as possible and real?


Elfred said...

A patron can be considered misled...

But not the board and the minister.

There seem to be no idea of such necessity to note such differences.

We can't focus on Mdm Goh as Patron... obviously, this patron is perceived to be closely linked to Somebody. And this patron stood by Durai to the very last...

A person linked to somebody standing by a crook to the last is a very bad reflection to the somebody when you stress that she is just a patron, with non-executive powers... But the wives of ministers are also enjoying no executive powers... but who will fool around with the ladies? Which is why for good reasons, in understanding of the public, we cannot focus on the patron part-- it's consider pushing off limelight to the public while we can say a damsel is being misled.

This is politics.

redbean said...


i really dunno what to say. everyone is so condescending. everyone thinks that those people are naive little kids.

hey many are top talents and have achieved a lot in their lives. top students, scholars etc. how could people dismissed them as easily misled and mesmerised by a ceo?

but maybe, because they were led by a really super talent that turned them into putties.