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nkf: 38c not good enough

the new nkf clarified that 38c of donations will go to the patients. is this good enough? obviously not. the donors donate their money to treat the patients, not for nkf to put into a kitty as a savings. like someone said, god's money will never be finished. it will keep on flowing. this charity money comes from the hearts of the people is like god's money. it is given with no strings attached. it will pour when the real need asks for it. now the real need is being questioned. all the figures given by nkf, new and old, are being questioned. the new nkf must come clean and give the donors a complete and accurate picture and discard the mindset and myths of the old nkf. the numbers given by a cheong wing lee in the today paper forum contributes to more doubts about the financials of the nkf. he claimed that he is a renal patient and is receiving private dialysis treatment at $180 per treatment. and the treatment centre is a profit making organisation. if a profit making centre can charge $180 per treatment and makes money, how can the old nkf claimed that its treatment cost is $200 and the new nkf is $162, when both are supposed to be non profit making? if nkf is not efficient and has to live with such a high operating cost then something is fundamentally wrong. yes, they better farm out their treatment operations to the private profit making centres.


Anonymous said...

Dissolve the new NKF and have KDF take over all the operations.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

that has been the call by many. but the new board is still hoping that they can change the impression of the people. they could not accept that the 3 letters now represent everything negative, everything that they do not want to know. it is now a 'word' with a new meaning.

Anonymous said...

Let not waste any more money trying to rebuild the reputation for the new NKF.

The new NKF Management is not much different from the old; money always not enough!!

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

quite a lot of people share this view. start anew. but the new team still cherishes the hope of erasing the bad memories. and this is not a simple task. they have taken this too lightly.

somehow as the days pass, the new team appears to be blending back into the same mental framework as the old team. this is not good.

one thing that they must explain to the public, and i feel strongly on this, is the rationale for the 3 years or 6 years or 20 years reserve. how many years would be enough and why? and the donors must be satisfied and agreeable with their reasonings. it is not so simple as to expect the donors and public to accept whatever they think is right or best.

the govt can do that as they are in power. the govt can decide arbitrarily on how much to keep people's cpf money. they just bulldozed through it. the people can only object by exercising their votes.

in the nkf case, they can stop donating if they are unhappy with the reasons given. the nkf is not in a position to talk down and tell the public to move on.