my public apology

the 4 singaporeans who made a public protest at robinson road had their case thrown out of court because of 3 letters, n k f. the judge ruled that by linking the cpf board and other entities with nkf, 'the protesters had used insulting and abusive words against "persons responsible for the finances of those bodies".'...He called their actions "tantamount to insinuations of mismanagement and financial impropriety." since the nkf saga, i have made many posts here referring to the 3 letters n k f. and if these letters were found in the same post where some reputable organisations were also mentioned, i would like to deny any intention to insinuate anything unfavourable. now i am not sure whether mentioning the name of the late president nair together with other founding fathers of singapore will be deemed unacceptable. in the papers today, there have been good words about his past contributions.


Anonymous said...

I see you are covering yourself well!! Be very careful Redbean, don't want you writing your blogs from Changi!!!

redbean said...

ya, don't want to offend people unnecessarily. if can be avoided, better do so.

talk is cheap and may come with free food.