a murderer on the loose

how far has the world degenerated on its values about life, about right and wrong, that a murderer can go an tv and said he will do it again, without remorse or any feeling of guilt? and world leaders, human rights movement, the media, the religious godly people, all listened as if it was a chat about wine drinking. more than 30,000 iraqis killed. more than 2,300 american boys killed. and bush said he made the decision based on wrong intelligence. and that he was responsible for it. and that's it. period. no guilt, no remorse, no regrets, no shame, no blood in his hand, no resignation, and no one to take him to the international court of justice to charge him for crimes against humanity. only a person who is totally empty cannot know that he has taken so many lives. and george bush himself could not comprehend that. more than 30,000 lives for his stupid mistake. the japanese stock exchange chief resigned because of a glitch in his trading system. and he has nothing to do with it except being the head of the stock exchange. this is taking charge and assuming personal responsibility. can bush understand what he had done and what is responsibility for killing so many people? can he sleep peacefully at night without thinking about the mothers who have lost their sons, and all those who have lost their love ones? what is this world coming to?

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