misinformation and disinformation about singapore

below is an extract of the kind of misinformation and disinformation being circulated by forumers in the soc.cul.spore website. with such misinformation, innocent people who are not aware of the truth will think that these are truth. this is the danger of how the media, in what ever form, can be misused. "Minorities cant get into the faculties they want because there exists a "quota system" in tertiary institutes , universities in Singapore for example in NUS ( National University of Singapore ) , Nanyang Technological University and SMU ( Singapore Management University) and various other tertiary institutes. The unwritten quota system made by Singapore politicians within the Singapore universities and tertiary institutes prevents some ethnic minorities particularly Malay-Muslims and Singapore born Indians in enrolling the faculties, field of study or even courses they want. " by 'concerned_people_person' dated 8 dec.


IMAGOD, the original said...

"Misuse" of the media is one thing.

People simply willingly believing what they read is the real problem. "Reality" is not a popular idea, because that ensures that people face up to the truth - by that I mean the objective reality and the objective truth.

The media and popular culture is a miasma of opinion mixed in with truth and falsehoods, and it is only through individual effort that one can see things "as they really are."

When people recognise "facts", it is normal for them to form an opinion - based on their references, prejudices, beliefs, illusions etc.

Any one who believes that everything appearing on the internet or the media is The Unvarnished Truth is welcome to their choices... and the consequences of thier volitional conciousness making those choices :-)

Mistakes in the use of one's mind add to the spice and variety of life!

redbean said...

the press has a big responsibility to present the truth, or at least the facts. the opinion aspect is a separate thing. many people expects the press to have the decency to tell them things that are truth, that when they read the press, they know that it is what it is. many just do not have the time or want to spend the time to decipher or figure out which is which.

this is the biggest failing of the media. it will be good if the facts and opinions are more clearly separated. what we have today is a competition to influence the readers' mind, to change the way people see and perceive to serve some private agenda. and everyone is so unashame in this game. many half truths, distorted truths, contorted truths are blatantly shaft down the innocent public's throat.

isn't it cruel to our children, who have yet able to separate truth from falsehood?

Speedwing said...

What is the truth? Is it what we read in the press? Is it what we see on the TV? Quite often we do not know what is true, or what is half truth or blatant lies. I think it is important for each of us to read between the lines sometime.

redbean said...

it is important to read between the lines. unfortunately many could not do so. there are the young, the innocent, the not so well read, the gullible etc

it is the basic duty and responsibility of the media to present the facts. let people decide on their own truths.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You actually believe that?

All the evidence suggests that the only duty of the media is to turn a profit. And the best way to do that in most "unfree" societies is to lick the balls of the government in power, scare the people out of their wits, and leaved them dazed and confused so that they fall for every advertisement in the newspaper or on TV.

... then the masses end up buying more needless items of dubious quality and questionable worth - things that they can't afford and serve "manufactured" needs.

The main function of the media is to pander to idol-worshippers.

Geez... what a self-righteous person I am... :-)

redbean said...

ok ok, i correct myself. ideally, or so some woolly woolly journalists will tell everyone that the media is the conscience of the people, to inform and present the fact.

but really, actually, i fully agree with you. money interest and vested interests.

any media still screaming that they are doing justice to the people?