ministers should play god

yes, minister should play god, be separated from the normal functioning of the organisations they are overseeing. minister of communications should be detached from lta or transport companies, health minister be detached from hospitals, etc so that they need not be identified with these organisations and need not have to protect and defend their positions, and can then be objective and even object or disagree with these organisations. that is why they need to be god, to stay above the fray. what we have now is that ministers become part of the organisations in their portfolios and any unfavourable policies or decisions, the ministers would have to come out and defend them. for any criticisms on these policies and decisions will be regarded as a criticism of the minister. as politicians, they should be politicians and not administrators or ceos. they should balance the interests of the organisations and the people affected by these organisations. let the ceos or heads of ministries, stats boards and organisations do the explanations.

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