loan sharks swimming freely

it is so sad to hear the sad story of the innocent woman who lost her baby because of a loan shark. how could this situation continue for so long and never seem to be able to solve? once our society was infested with secret societies and triads. and they were practically wiped out. is the loan shark such a great problem to handle compare to these secret societies?


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean,

A tragic case when an unborn child has to die because of money. I cannot believe that here in Singapore where any disquiet or felony is immediately pinched in the bud, such blatant bullying has been allowed to exist for so long. What actions did the police take after the parents made their 5 reports? Sure the could have done something to prevent this tragedy?

I read somewhere that the govt has passed some new laws to stop these loan sharks from terrorising the innocent. I am afraid the death of this unborn baby only goes to highlight how ineffective the existing law is. Whatever happens now will still be too late for this innocent unborn baby. Pity. My sympathy goes to the parents.

redbean said...

you don't believe it, i can't either. heard people said it is a very difficult problem to handle.

i did asked matilah for a definition of stupidity.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Stupidity: ACTION and THINKING based on a CHOICE of not willing to look at things as they are. Deluding oneself into believing things ought to be a certain, perhaps "ideal" way.

redbean said...

well spoken. i cannot disagree with you on this.

very similar to maslow's fifth level of needs.