is nkf expected to continue to grow?

why is nkf expected to continue to provide more and more hospitals and facilities? isn't nkf just a charitable organisation that is supposed to help only some of the needy people? why is the nkf taking the full role of providing dialysis treatments? nkf must know that they have only a limited role and must limit its appetite. and nobody is going to blame nkf if it cannot expand its services, to build more facilities. they should not be too ambitious as in the past when the sky's the limit. it has to redefine its role in the context of the whole medical establishment in the country, taking into consideration the primary medical providers. should nkf usurp the role of govt hospitals and keep asking the public for more donations because it wants to do more and more? and if the funds are not forthcoming, then it becomes the fault of the public, that the people are less generous, less compassionate, less caring and less human? should the public be held at ransom by charitable organisations who said we want to do more but we don't have the fund? charitable organisations should work within what they can afford and what the donors are willing to donate voluntarily. and no one shall be pressured by whatever means to donate. if nkf cannot raise the additional fund to build another 2 or 3 clinics, then just work with the existing number of clinics. is that a problem? when an organisation has to depend on charity, it has to behave like a charity. people who depend on social assistance must live within their means. it is not a private foundation that has unlimited fund and can keep trying to figure out what else they can do to spend their hoards of money. the lee foundation can do that, the shaw foundation can do that, bill gates foundation can do that. cause they are rich and have their own means.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Yes, the nkf will grow. It is not seperate from govt. It is totally controlled by govt, thus it is an extension of govt power, veiled in a "free market" / "privatised" smoke-screen, complete with the lip-service and mistruths.

My suggestion to anyone who is a donor to the abovementioned organisation is withdraw their support.

There are no shortages of "good causes" to support in the world. We are here, in one sense, to render aid to those who just cannot help themselves.

Why not pick a cause where the issue of integrity and trust is unquestionable?

redbean said...

charity must come from the heart, from a genuine desire to want to give. not through some gimmicks, some commercial marketings.

the danger of picking a good charity is that many 'do gooders' are everyday thinking of starting a new charity project to raise fund. and some of these are genuinely commercial people with a personal interest. not charity.

Anonymous said...

The so-called charitable organisations in Singapore have become a commercialised spectacle.

redbean said...

we are living in a make believe world, like in celluloid. the more fanciful the better. everything must be nicely package, glittering everywhere. feel good, feel the fantasy!

life is a show. showmanship is gaining value in commercialisation. we can even tell people that begging in style is a classy thing to do. carrying on tv to show people how desperate and destitute one's living condition is. poverty is charming and heartwarming.

what a charade! welcome to disneyland, my friend.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Without illusions there can be no economy - because the market works when the irrational are slapped back into reality.

Charity should remain fully private enterprises. If people don't put their heart into it, charities end up as political monsters - and its main customers - the people the charities' charters' are supposed to help - lose out big time.

The primary beneficiaries - the givers of charity lose big time too. It is their selfish pleasure - their desire to help their fellow-man - that is usurped by meddling and tinkerings of the politicos.

To understand this consider: You give someone a gift from the heart. He responds by saying "Thank you". And then you respond "MY PLEASURE"

There you are: selfish pleasure in action!

redbean said...

yes, agree with all of your. the way we raise fund is now a show. and with the exposure of the unpleasant things in nkf, it makes everyone involved, from fundraisers, staff, artistes and even the givers, all look so superficial, so unreal.

many harms have come to the game of charity fund raising. but many good will also come out from it.

for once, all the flaws, all the scars and warts are exposed for all to see. and everyone will be a bit wiser. and those who manipulate charities for their personal interests will no longer have an easy time.

the nkf is now a case study to show what can go wrong, so badly wrong.