independent schools: cocky frog in the well

many parents still think that they can buy quality education. and if their child did not do too well in psle, they can buy a place in a better independent school. and the administrators in independent schools also think so. this parent applied for one. and the independent school agreed to accept his daughter on condition that he pays the full school fees in advance. 4 years of school fees in advance is only $22,000. so cheap. but this parent found it ridiculous and rejected the offer. one week later the school called again renewing the offer. the parent asked how come still got vacancies. answer, someone just rejected and a place is available and he is given 24 hours to accept. the parent is not so stupid. he knew that not all parents are suckers and will fork out $22,000 in advance. but this independent school administrators probably still believes that there are many desperate parents or suckers around. and this independent school is not even top notched, just a so so secondary school. sure there will be a few rich and desperate parents who have all the money to splurge, and going to an expensive school is good enough. how many more suckers are out there?


Speedwing said...

Good morning Redbean,
I see you are early today. It is very interesting to read that about fees for an independent school is $5500 per year. That is quite a sum especially when many are earning around $2000 $3000 a month. I guess for those wo are not rich, they will never be able to send their children to independent schools.

However, I have been told that the govt school are just as good and where high standard of education are being taught. Tell me then, why are independent schools so much sought after? Are they really much better? Do they really produce quality people? I am sure they produce better money making people, but do they actually produce good well-balanced people? I wonder.

I know of this family who has a son and after the prelim results of sec 4 was not allowed into his independent school because he has exceeded the minimum points for entry into JC. The parents "appealed" and wahlah, a place was found and the minimum points raised. I wonder how that came about? Any guesses Redbean??

redbean said...

morning speed,

there are so many things that i want to write today but must do some work first.

as for a school and its products, it is always gigo. good teachers can just do that much. it is the quality of the students that eventually makes the difference.

but independent schools provide an outlet for parents who are desperate to want their children in a better school. still the child must perform.

what's so special about independent schools? basically they have more money to be different. if other school children must take exams, mine no need. others got no music theatre, mine got. i got eco garden you don't have. i got indoor basketball court you don't have. i got ft teachers you don't have. i can afford to send my students for overseas trips you cannot.

now that is quality education in independent schools.

Matilah_Singapura said...

People wanna have kids on the cheap.

Fuck them. Why should ==> I <== pay for the consequences someone else's 10 minutes of sexual pleasure?

If one can't afford children, don't have them!

For e.g. I can't afford a 5-carat diamond. Therefore I don't have one.

Speedwing said...

The Singapore govt is encouraging Singaporeans to have more kids. Why do you think they are giving so much goodies and inducement? Howeevr, if one is not rich and wealthy then I suppose they will have to send their children to govt schools.

We need more children to join the workforce in 20 - 25 years from now. Education for the children of today is essential because they are the people who will be in control of the country in the future.

redbean said...

once the children are out, it is only a natural instinct for parents to want them well. the rich have more options. and the independent schools are there to provide the options.

with money, many who are not so brilliant could actually turn out quite well if they are prepared to seize the new opportunities provided by their parent's wealth.

there will also be those who will just waste their parent's money and ended up just as empty.

the rich will not be complaining for the extra chances. those who cannot afford to provide a second chance to their young could only whine or accept their handicaps.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Instinct? It is the ability to reason which puts instincts into the correct contexts.

Just because you have "natural urges" doesn't mean you act on them. In that way, everytime you get angry with someone, you kill him. (???)

Having kids is a serious choice. Many people never evaluate the effects of their actions and choices in the whole context - i.e. mindFULLness.

If people can't afford children, they shouldn't have them.

redbean said...

instinct is exactly what it means, like heard instinct. it is not meant to be rationally, but something like selfishness. what is best according to an emotional judgement.

many common people are victims of their own ignorance. many are victims of circumstances and social and political manipulation. the worst case is in malaysia where mahathir gave the approval to go forth and multiply to boost the racial composition. there is always a price to be paid.

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