if you want to have a good cry...

go and get a copy of today's new paper and read the plight of 3 beautiful and bright brother and sisters. there are all in primary one. age 9, 11 and 12. they could not afford to go to school when their father's business failed. and even lived on the road side when dad could not pay for rental. but they stuck to it, mother and children, with their father. the children were understanding enough not to blame their father though they were very envious of other children going to school. their mum too bear with them though she became very depressed. what a story to make you cry, in modern and prosperous singapore. i held the paper in my hands with tears flowing freely.


Matilah_Singapura said...

It's ok to have a cry... but if it really a "problem" then any solution is a choice of action

Crying, like any other emotional manifestation never solves anything. Action (or non action) counts.

Did you help? Or did you just cry? ;-)

redbean said...

the children are innocent. and they have lost precious years without complaining. imagine their feelings when other children put on their uniforms and attend schools while they wasted their time at home, aimlessly.

fortunately their case was discovered, though 5 years too late. the mp indranee has helped to get the father a job. and the children put to school. and there are several people spending 4 days a week helping them with their school works. many people are pitching in to help them.

yes, there are still many wonderful people around. many selfless people around.

so embarrassing that i could only shed some tears for these unfortunate children.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Children are *not* innocent.

Once you are in this world, there is no more "innocence". You will have pride, you will be selfish, you will suffer. Sometimes it's not your fault, but you are nonetheless responsible. That's just life.

Tough break huh? ;-)

redbean said...

from this approach, everyone deserves everything they get. even then, one just cannot help but feel very sorry for them. while other kids are having a ball of a time, these three kids are paying a price quietly.