i think i gonna support tippings

what the heck, i got up from the wrong side of the bed and realise that it is good to support the correct policies and decisions. i am going to support tippings for taxis. for those who cannot afford to tip, please take mrts. and i shall encourage taxi drivers to be choosy and not to pick up cheapskate singaporeans. go for the tourists or well dressed people, the classy classy type who can afford to tip. and queue at the airport and remind the passengers that they must tip for good service. and those who live around tampines or pasir ris, not worth picking. too low fare. everyone, including taxi drivers, must make efficient use of their time and machine. go for fares that can pay well. important thing is to maximise your income. and higher school fees for independent schools, very good. you want quality education, you pay for quality. for those who cannot pay but good students, apply for all the scholarships and bursaries. they are in abundance. for those who cannot pay and cannot qualify for scholarships and bursaries, you know what to do. now i feel good. i feel like a winner.


Anonymous said...

Hi RedBean,

You think you have seem the worst but the worst has yet to come.

redbean said...

no, today i am on contrarian mood. our future is in good hands. we have the best people in charge. don't worry, be happy.

if things are going to be bad, how can we continue to raise fees and charges? things must be looking good that's why we can make the people to pay more.

you see, i am good.

Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean

Being cynical again??

Wah! must have really got up on the wrong side of the bed.

redbean said...

no lah, it is all in the mind. and depends on which angle you are looking at.

someone once told me, you must be on the winning side. that is the best truth that i have learnt.

Speedwing said...

how can? for you to be on the winning side, some poor buggers must be on the losing side. seems quite unfair to the Singaporeans that happen to be on the losing side, or don't you care anymore?

redbean said...

the losers will always be on the losing side. and losers always form the majority. actually it is damn good to be on the winning side and listen to all the whinnings and disgusting comments from the losers.

and the winners need only offer some lip service to appease the losers openly but privately just have a good laugh at all the pretension : )

and this is reality. cannot run away from it. anyone really believe that the winners will really care got to have their heads check. you can't be a winner if you waste your time with the losers.

and now its christmas.

Speedwing said...

lets be charitable and as we are the winners we should throw some crumbs to the losers to keep them satisfied. infact we should have a pocketful of crumbs at the ready. everytime we hear some grumbles of discontentment, we would just take out a few crumbs and throw them at the losers, just to keep them quiet. god! they are so easily pleased. so comfortable up here looking down on the poor sods, don't think i want any of them to be up here with me, better keep them down with every means available to me.

redbean said...

of course they are easy to please. look at how happy and grateful they are?

it is the high earners that are difficult to please. the more you pay them, the more they want. and the more they get, the more unhappy they become.