i have one complain against kpmg

they forgot to classify their report PG! the report is like a tsunami that swept through the pathetic and laidback populace. some may die of shock reading it. many are still caught by the first wave and not reacting. but the report has drawn out responses from shock, resignation, disbelief, so what, to anger, disgust, and people demanding justice and blood. it is an issue that is not going away. no one in his right mind will say let's move on. if not properly handled to soothe the anger on the street, the repercussion can be very grave. but as i read the papers and hear the news, i started to feel sick. comments from learned people in the legal professions said there is no case against durai, or hard to make a case against him. the reasons, difficult to prove wrongdoings, no evidence of criminal breach of trust, no evidence to prove misappropriation of monies, corruption or cheating, no criminal intent in the form of dishonesty, no intent to deceive, it was just an overzealous attempt to raise more funds for charity. and better, everything was approved by the board and the exco. and it was on record that he wanted less but the board wanted to give him more. the main point from the legal profession is that it is hard to prove beyond reasonable doubt to show criminal intent and motivation by greed. and the best statement came from durai's lawyer. "the ceo was a qualified lawyer with limited accounting knowledge." and "he claimed he was not familiar with accounting standards or their application and relied on the head of department for finance and nkf vice chairman, alywn lim - a qualified accountant - and honorary treasurer loo say san, a former banker." there you see, there is really no case against durai. and if there is, he is fully covered by the board of directors and the exco. and in accounting and finance matters, he is ignorant of such matters and the finance people shall be held responsible. durai is innocent beyond reasonable doubt, and anyone thinking of suing him will get no where. durai is a free man.

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