how truthful is the media?

the rot in the integrity and reliability of the american establishment and media is starting to show. selling, publishing and disseminating false information are now out into the open. there is no need for denials. only the stubbornly naive and well conditioned mind will still attest to believe the words of the american establishment and the western media. for decades and perhaps centuries, the western media and literature have been feeding and conditioning the minds and thinking processes of the world, especially the ex colonial countries. they have set the agenda, feed the doctored input and direct their views and behaviour to serve western interests. and many asians and africans are totally oblivious to such covert manouvres and swear by the western press as the god of freedom and truth. sure there are many truths, not that all were lies. all the truths will be truths as long as they serve their intended purposes and objectives. and among the truths will be all the untruths and half truths and lies that were presented as truths. the wmd in iraq is the greatest of all truths. the other aspect is the untold truths. and for the same reasons, many truths were kept hidden and not revealed. the number of american casualties in iraq is the truth. the untold truth is the number of iraqi casualties. not appropriate to tell. and you can't accuse them for lying by not talking about it. the recent drug trafficking case is another example of unspoken truths. the less than pristine background of the twins and their criminal records were deliberately not spoken. they don't lie. but they don't tell the whole truth. shall we ask how truthful is the media? or how much truths that they will not tell? which is more pertinent and which is a disservice to the public who wants to know the whole truth? one needs not tell a lie to lie. However, Howard said it was important to be realistic about what could be achieved. "If anyone imagines a diplomatic offensive by Australia is going to change the attitude of China, or the attitude of Singapore or Malaysia or other countries in the region to capital punishment, then I think they are mistaken," he said on Australian Broadcasting Corp. television. howard is telling the truth but excludes the usa when bush has spoken in favour of capital punishment. what howard had done is to paint a picture that all these countries are somewhat barbaric for having capital punishment but not the usa.


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nice quote.