the good that nkf has done

many people are now very wary of charities and donations. many people are feeling a bit silly after donating so much of their hard earned money only to see their money being squandered by people who are just the temporary keepers of their donations. many people are now also wary about big names, professional names, rich people who lend their names to charity to give the charity a semblance of respectability and integrity. no one is as innocent as he looks till it is proven otherwise. take a leaf from the police, everyone must be assumed to be a suspect. this is the biggest contribution of nkf. it has wisen up a lot of ignorant masses that they should not be too eager to be conned. that they must stand up and question when they see something amiss. all charitable organisations too will have to be open, transparent and be upfront on what they are doing and how the money are spent. no longer can they hide under the skirt of charity and be spared from public scrutiny. thank you nkf, for preventing more gullible people from being cheated. and thank you for bringing forth more rigorous checks and balances into the industry of charities.


Speedwing said...

So many Singaporeans do feel cheated, contributing hard earned cash so that someone can have his peanut. well, be thankful, if it hadn't been for that plumber who blew the whistle, all you poor sods would still be donating towards his bag of peanuts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the NKF vs SPH saga. Without it, Singaporean will never have a chance to know the Truth.

As usual, the Truth always hurt.

Speedwing said...

I could be wrong, did I not read somewhere that it was Duria and not NKF, who tried to sue SPH and then withdrew?? Thought I read or hear somthing to that effect.

redbean said...

it was durai who sued and half way through a session in court he decided to withdraw all charges.

it is so frightening that without the court case, everyone, from the top down, believed that there was no wrong. and i think they sincerely believed so.

Anonymous said...

Durai was the CEO of NKF when he sued SPH for the allegation made in one of the article printed.

He did not sue SPH on his own private capacity. He had the full backing from the whole NKF board of Directors and Mrs Peanut.

redbean said...

that is why a pig living in a pigsty for too long would not realised that it smells just as bad as the pigsty.

or put it another way, someone living on drugs will not find anything wrong with drugs.