free health screening turns sour

'people would probably think that we are cheapskate. but you are poor and every cent means something.' this is a heated statement made by a poor old man who went with a group for free health screening at joo chiat. they have not taken food for the last 10 hours or so to prepare for the free screening. but on arrival they were told that they must donate some blood for a research and must sign a consent form. otherwise no free health screening. they all felt cheated and were very angry. they were trying to save some money from the free screening but ended up starving for a night, no free screening, losing time and money travelling from bedok to the venue. what is important is that rich people must not underestimate the value of money when the poor is concerned. every cent counts. please understand. not everyone is so rich and can afford to throw away money, and give tips some more.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, that goes to prove the saying, there is no such thing as a free lunch, well, especially in Singapore anyway.

redbean said...

a few issues came out from this. no free lunch is one.

the other point is that there wasbut a huge advertisement stating boldly 'free health screening' without mentioning any conditions. and these are simple, innocent and honest people who would take the advertisement as its face value. it is thus not right to tell people otherwise.

the third point is that these are mainly retirees and have very little money. every cent counts.

later in the day, after they had returned home, some received calls asking them to come back for free screening. the people involved cannot appreciate that taking buses is not cheap to these people. they could not understand that $2 for another return trip is a lot of money to the retirees.

when people are immersed with money, it is very difficult for them to know that there are people who really have no money. not even a few dollars.

Anonymous said...

The huge advertisement was another honest mistake. Not to worry, as usual, no head will roll.

redbean said...

yep, that's what they said. cannot put everything in the banner.