dr lee wai leng, the other side of...

everybody knows who lee wai leng is. i hope so. and many only see one side of her, the daughter of lky, a president scholar and a prominent doctor who pulled the plug on the malpractice of a foreign talent. not many know the other side of lee wai leng, the human side. she shares her view in a pretty long article today in the straits time forum on the choice of top schools. what came out from the article, apart from some sensible advices, is a very human and down to earth person, and it came out very genuine and sincere. in the same article we got to know an unknown lee wai leng, her thoughts and views and how she made some tough decisions as a young student. let me just quote a small paragraph of what she wrote. 'i learnt more valuable lessons such as empathy for the less academicaly inclined, that there were other aspects of the human mind such as integrity, honesty, courage, generosity and compassion that are just as if not more important than academic ability.'

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