a dog park at east coast park

well, with $160 million to be spent, great ideas are aplenty. a letter to the today's forum from jessica chan asked for a big dog park with facilities like dog cafe, pet shops, place for dog shows, place for dog obedient classes etc. shoo, shoo, we need more space for dogs. excuse me?


Anonymous said...

I come from UK. I hope Singaporean will be sensible enough to treat dogs as they are expected to be treated, like dogs. By all means love them, but please do not love them more than you would another numan being. The British are dog crazy and sometimes they would go overboard, treating their dogs better than they would their fellow human beings.

So, poo-poo to the dog park at ECP.

redbean said...

ha, finally i am able to get back here. nice to know that you are from uk.

well some people go to the extent that they rather sleep with their dogs than with their mates.

the world is getting crazier.

Anonymous said...

Yes I am from UK. However, not all the anonymous conributions are from me. You have a few other followers out there Redbean.

Sleeping with their dogs instead of their mates? Can that be the reason for the low birth rate of Singapore? Have you read the Durex report on sex frequencies of countries around the world? 73 for Singapore, which equates to once every 5 nights. Wow, that is low!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

redbean said...

oh good. i would more people to contribute here. then we have a little group to chat with.

singaporeans are too busy with many things. some get orgasm counting money. the young boys are banging their keyboards instead of girls.

one very real problem is the cost of bringing up children. the thought of it will cause them to shrink. half a million to bring up a child.

Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean, just this morning I had a discussion with my wife on the amount of money needed for a child from birth to after tertiary education. If you know how or where this $500K comes from, I would very much like to know.

Orgasm from counting money? That is a new one. The normal excuses have been, too tired from work, too much hassle, too expensive, no time to spare from career. There are those who would prefer to stay single or even when hitched would never have children. I have known some with prenup agreement that they will not be called upon to propagate. Well to each his own I guess. I am a parent so I am naturally bias.

redbean said...

i saw the figure in many billboards. this would include all the costs, food, clothing, books, school fees, tuition, pocket money, medical fees etc from birth till age of 25 for a boy. it will average at $20,000 a year. not very far off actually.

Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean

$20K per annum still seem a little high to me. Are we saying that for every child in Singapore at this moment their parents have to find $20K per year? That is approximately $1667 per month. I also hear that some in Singapore earn less than $1500 per month. The numbers just don't add up.

redbean said...

it all depends on their assumptions. just like the insurance man telling everyone that they need $1mil or $2 mil to retire. at what level of lifestyle they are talking about? many people don't even earn half that amount in their life time.

in this case they would probably include every cost they can think off and probably looking at the more well to do family model when a child is to have the best of everything, with a lot of pocket money and even holiday trips.

unlike our time when we live off the land and just try to be alive with one pair of shoe for a whole year and probably 2 or 3 pairs of shirts and trousers.

look at the young kids with their expensive mobile phones and electronic gadgets and the latest fashion wear and you can estimate how expensive it is to upkeep them.

a university education is easily $100k if you take into account cost of living, pocket money etc.