corporate governance: transparency not necessary

this is the view of a writer in today paper, chong lee ming. his view is that good government, ie honest, trustworthy, incorruptible govt, will bring about good governance. i am wondering what is he trying to say behind this argument. does he have a different agenda? but one question which he did not address and could not appreciate, how to know whether a govt is good, honest, trustworthy and incorruptible without transparency? just like nkf, without transparency, you will never know. and by the time you know the truth, it is too late. transparency is the key to good and honest governance. or at least it is one of the keys to it. without transparency, everything is in the dark. you can't see anything in the dark.


Speedwing said...

Good morning Redbean, I am a strong believer of transparency in corporate governance, be it a public organisation, a public listed company or even a government of a country. Without it there will not be checks and balances which are important elements for fairness and cleanliness. What do you think??

redbean said...

fully agree with you. this is basic. cannot be compromised.

just like independent directors in corporate governance. if the appointment of the directors is not independent of the management they are to scrutinise, then might as well forget the whole thing. it is an insult to the public.