the causeway - a forgotten landmark

the whole world is boasting about how beautiful is their bridge, the san francisco bridge, sydney bridge, crooked bridge, and all kinds of bridge. if i am not mistaken, there is one and only one causeway. and this causeway is so unique that it joins the furthest southern tip of the great asian continent to another great piece of land, an island called the red dot. this vital fact that man can walk all over asia and will end up here, after crossing the causeway, could be turned into a great tourist attraction, a unique piece of information that often people take for granted. the causeway is our link to asia. stepping across the causeway into asia.


Anonymous said...

When they finally build this new bridge, I wonder if they will demolish this existing causeway. Hope not, it has been a landmark and will always bring back nostalgic memories.

I can still remember crossing it coming to Singapore with my father when I was 6 years old - a very long time ago.

redbean said...

ya, the causeway has so much historical and emotional value to many people. it is a waste to destroy it. it is like cutting off the umbilical cord and replacing a flimsy and difficult structure that has all kinds of limitation.

they could simply expand the causeway and cut a few tunnels for the water to flow through.

redbean said...

the intention is to cut the causeway. otherwise it will always be a cheaper alternative. breaking it up means there is no choice but to pay expensive tolls when using the expensive bridge.