caricature of a face

i was watching lim hng khiang delivering his speech at the wto. at an instance i was engulfed by this feeling of sadness. i was wondering where it came from. then i realised that face, a face of sadness. why did he wear that sadness in front of the tv and at the wto. and he had that sadness with him all this while. the closest person that has a similar expression is ho peng kee. but his has a slight variation that appears more worried than sad. a face that carries a lot of problems and issues that bothering him. compare to lily neo, when she is making a speech in parliament, you just cannot disagree with her even if you cannot agree with her. she has that disarming sweetness in her that you just sit there and let her speak, without any anger or thoughts of opposing her, not even want to rush her. interrupting her would seem rude. it is amazing how a face can convey a message more than shouting and thumping tables. this leads me to ponder on the variety of faces that we see in the box. charles chong has lately appear to look like maitreya, the laughing buddha, with his big fixated smile. and there is wong kan seng with another kind of smile. the smile of a magician that can pull out all kinds of tricks to wonder you. and lim boon heng has that gentle look with a perpetual quiet smile like mona lisa. while khaw boon wan has the calm and serenity of a morning mountain. there are other variations. tan soo khoon has one that has the 'cannot tahan' look, that he cannot accept anything he sees or hears. while teo chee hean's face says everything is smooth flowing, everything goes, and life is a stroll. then there is yeo cheow tong who reminds one instantly of the word affordability. as i meditate over a peaceful sunday morning, many kinds of faces make their appearance in my imaginations. but not all can be put to a particular personality. i was trying to figure out who has a blur like sotong look, or who looks like he needs more sleep, a sleepy head. the face of a never say die look, a fighter, a gangster, or the face of a grandfather. or is there anyone that has the bob hope look, or a george bush, or a peace maker like tommy koh. a cocky look or the look of a maverick. or is there one that looks mean? i couldn't find one that has the mahathir's 'boleh' look. this is just a little distraction from the otherwise dull whinning of how things could be better. i hope people have a little sense of humour as i, myself, try to find a little of that in me that has long been lost.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Body language speaks louder than words.

Which is why it is a bad idea to tell lies ;-)

Also, all stress is created in the mind, and manifests itself in the human psysiology - the face, the eyes, breathing, bodily tension, sweaty palms, fidgetting etc.

Take it from me - I make a living from "manipulating" people. :-)

redbean said...

everyone with a product or service to sell needs to learn your art of manipulation. it is what you call it, marketing, promotion, advertising, persuasion or conning.

basically you need people to believe in you. i take my hat off for khoo swee chew. $150,000 for soaking himself in a bathtub! that itself is a feat.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I salute anyone who manages to get money from the greedy government - to spend on his self-aggrandisement.

WOW! Did you see the reaction of those self rightoeus fruscos?


redbean said...

ya, it takes an exceptional talent to do that. many ah bengs were quite good actually, finding loopholes here and there for their own benefits. eg the car salesmen,secondhand car dealers the housing agents, etc.

Matilah_Singapura said...

No, I call it manipulation. I give people an "experience", and I'm grateful that I get paid for it so as to finance my bumhood lifestyle. ;-)

Everyone is selfish and greedy, and fearful. But they prefer happiness, security and would like to see themselves as "altruistic". So they have hope and faith.

God made the human being as an emotional canvas, for the artist (a special kind of human being) to express himself, such that the medium of expression (the audience) obtains an "experience".

Damn shiok :-)

redbean said...

from this aspect, we are all part of the experience. everyone. hey, you and me too.