bush said he will attack any country

george bush said he will attack any country if needed to. and mahathir is furious. mahathir is calling on the world to prevent mass murderers from becoming world leaders. estimated 30,000 iraqis and more than 2,000 americans dead since the iraq invasion, and still counting. and the americans are going to spend $500 million in psychological warfare and propaganda in the world media to influence the thinking of people who are against their war on terrorism. they are going to use money to buy influence to change people's perception of their wrong into becoming right. our straits times should capitalise on this windfall and publish news favourable to america at a price. it must be smart enough not to pay to publish them. if the americans want good things to be said about them in the straits times, they pay. how nice.


Speedwing said...

Are we saying that ST will print anything, right or wrong, just as long as the is a $ at the end of it? Ermmmm, well, if money is that important that we cast away our conscience then so be it........?

redbean said...

this we don't know. but once you know that the americans are going to pay, why not?

often you will read very obvious articles that were pushing an absurb or unpopular policy position of a govt, esp the usa. and it got reported in the local media. i thought when a media is going to help to push a position then it should be paid. unless of course the media is either stupid or a willing partner.

i could not forget this article by a prof tom plate from california. he is a professed expert in east asian politics. and he was pushing the line that asian countries have forgiven japan and welcomed japan to play a bigger military role. this was of course an obvious usa policy position.

within a week there were violent protests against japan in korea and china, proving that position false and untenable. and since that day till now, several asian countries badly hurt by the japanese are standing up to say no to japanese militarism.

so much for asians welcoming japanese remilitarisation. i really hope the media was paid for printing those articles.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The media -especially our own - are either sluts or lapdogs.

Sluts do it for gain. Lapdogs do it to avoid pain.

redbean said...

i rather a media doing something knowingly, even prostituting as long as they are aware of what they are doing.

what i am against is a media that is being used and have to pay for the right to publish other people's propaganda. let's say our media is smart enough and will not fall into this category.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Being "smart" is being one's nature. It is the nature of the commecial media to use fear and greed to "motivate" people to the will of the political masters.

By being "natural", the media keeps making big money. It's not about truth - it never has been. It's always about OPINION - to control the minds of the unthinking majority.

redbean said...

well that is the natural order of things.

the only truth is the truth you discover for yourself. the rest are other people's truth.