bird flu, just wondering

the recent outbreak of bird flu all over the world and the linkage to human death, the reports of the ever constant mutation of the the virus, all pointed to a world epidemic, or pandemic. is the world over reacting? is everyone falling prey to the hype by drug companies and academics and ended up amassing expensive drugs and killing all the birds before we starve the human race to death? bird flu is not something new. it has always been there. the bird flu virus have been in existence for as long as there are viruses in the air and in all things, probably since time immemorial. just wondering if it is necessary to wipe out all the birds and stocks for every case of infection? all kinds of viruses are there in the air, water or tissues. that is how nature provides for the continue propagation, existence and death of matter, a continuous recycling process. very likely in any flock of healthy migrating birds, or in a farm, one would be able to test and find the presence of the bird flu virus. the death of a bird is likely because of its weak resistance to the virus or a new strain of virus. but letting nature takes its own course, either the birds will develop their own resistance or the virus further mutates into a less deadly form. just wondering.


Anonymous said...

I have been advised to go for a flu jab while I am here in Singapore. However, I must have telephoned all the clinics here over the last 2 weeks and nowhere could I find a single flu jab anywhere on this island. Asked why this is the case and I was told that the stock has been dpleted by demand. Is there a flu epidemic here I do not know about?

So, I went to JB and all I had to do was to visit the Johor Specialist Clinic and got a flu jab within an hour. Paid RM82 for it. So, anyone out there thinking of a flu jab, just do what I did.

redbean said...

probably a lot of kiasu singaporeans, ie over cautious, have been ahead of you. maybe there are directives to control spurious requests.

the stock is now very precious. well, you have found a way to it.