australia to champion abolishing death penalty

nguyen's lawyer, julian mcmahon, is all fired up to take the cause of ending death penalty in a world crusade. the latest execution in the usa has made it more urgent for australia to stand up even to the usa to make it's stand on the issue stick. otherwise they will look funny if the fight is only for australians. what mcmahon said is that 'mandatory, premeditated state sanctioned killing is legally and morally repugnant.' in the case of death sentence for a drug trafficker, people's views differ. some are kinder and more agreeable with a little drug. to them it is no big deal to abuse oneself. some are more persistent to wipe out this scourge. it is understandable that some will want death and some will not want it. if premeditated killing by a state is so repugnant and must be stopped at all cost, what about premeditated murders? many murders, some very vicious, and gory, were premeditated, with the victim or victims butchered to a painful and horrifying death, pleading for mercy at the hands of cruel murderers. would these murderers also be spared the death penalty too? are we protecting the victims of gruesome crimes or should society protect the abominable murderers? should death penalty be abolished for all crimes?


Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean, the Aussie Govt has tried and failed to convinced the Singapore Govt that clemency should be shown. Well, it is all history now. Nguyen is " in a better place ", so I feel that we should all let the matter rest. Whether it is right or wrong to hang him will depend in our own individual conscience and conviction. The best thing now is for the media to let the matter cool and allow the Nguyen family to get back to normality as quickly as possible.

God bless him and may he find peace.

redbean said...

agree with you. now the direction is focussed on death penalty as a means of punishment and how far the australians would want to push it and how much support they will get from other countries.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see how far the Aussie govt would go to champion the abolition of death penalty. I feel it will only be lip service. Howard would only do Bush's bidding and I guess when Bush says "halt" he will put on his emergency brakes real quick. Or when Bush says "jump", Howard would ask "how high?"

redbean said...

matilah will fully agree with you and may have more interesting stories to tell. and bush has spoken. also, howard is not totally against death penalty esp for saddam hussein. i think he has quite strong stand over drugs like matilah said.

it is not easy to put a blanket cover on one particular issue to apply to all. as more information on the twin brothers are disclosed, many will look stupid and naive for their support. let the media do their role of drumming up interest to improve sales. the earlier story will fade and a new angle, probably more exciting will appear.

IMAGOD, the original said...

Howard needs to get a lot of unsavoury legislation through - the Industrial Relations Reform and new anti-terrorism bills.

Both of these are going to change the experience of life in Australia - once a relatively free cuntry - now under the threat of increasing state intervention.

Howard, the ever-together political animal knows how to direct the people's focus off the ball. Whilst the "do-gooders" are busy campaigning for the end of capital punishment, Howard is going to get his way with the new legislation.

Because many of the folks calling for the end to the death penalty are the same who oppose the new anti-sedition and IR reform bills, they are going to be in a constant state of confusion.

Whilst all this noise was going on last week, the Libs made cahnges to the Reserve Bank of Australia. This is Australia's central bank - they control the money, the money supply and interest rates - and is a "secret" political tool, because not many people understand how a central bank works and the enormous power it has over the lives of ordinary people.

In today's Australian broadsheets, there is hardly a peep about the Nguyen affair. In time, it may die out.

However there remain 12 australians facing the death penalty in Asia - 2 in Vietnam, 1 in China and 9 in Bali. The 9 caught in Bali were caught boarding a flight to Australia, because the Australian Federal Police alerted the Indonesians.

My theory still stands: Howard needs his legislation, he is using Asian law enforcement and justice systems to catch would-be drug traffickers, then allowing the masses to scream and yell, whilst he, Howard and his cronies get their way.

Such is the reality of political democracy. The unsuspecting masses get manipulated - and it's their own bloody fault :-)

Entertaining huh?

redbean said...

howard is ingenious isn't it? using asian legislation and law enforcer to arrest his unwanted men and waste all the time and resources looking after time, feeding them and charging them in court. shit, all these cost a lot of time and money. and at the end of the day, the asian countries and govt received all the brickbats from the ignorant aussies.

in today's paper there is a picture of a shooting gallery in oz, a sanctuary for the heroin addicts to shoot themselves with the drug. nice cool place. i think paid by public money.

a bigger show is waiting to erupt with the 9 in bali. it is always interesting to watch the indons and aussies dance.

IMAGOD, the original said...

Damn right.

Peter Costello - Howard's Treasurer and comrade-in-arms (also a potential Judas - people believe he'll stab Howard in the back during a leadership tussle) is the highest taxing treasurer in Aust. history.

1 million of Aust 20 million population now live overseas.

Me? I've made myself "formless" a long time ago so as not to get entangled in S'pore or Aust political/diplomatic tempests.

BTW, we don't have freedom of speech to blog anymore in Oz - new anti-sedition laws just past thru the Senate.

Looks like I'll have to come to your blog to vent my spleen...

Otherwise, no entertainment :-(

redbean said...

what, holycow, no freedom of speech in oz? what happen to their sikit atas attitude for freedom, democracy and human rights? aren't the aussies going to fight the govt?

looks like oz is going to rank lower than singapore now for press freedom. now i am standing taller than you, my friend.

and this guy peter costello will be a good catch as a foreign talent for singapore. efficient, effective and productive.

IMAGOD, the original said...
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IMAGOD, the original said...

Yeah. Ironic. I've lived there for over 20 years, and have been screaming "Matilah Singapura" since STIC days... of course, you rememeber.

But now, I find that I have more freedom of speech in Singapore.

Australia is now facing the paradox of a political democracy: that the illusion of freedom nicely disguises the tyranny democracy really is.

Gimme a meritocracy anyday. At least in a meritocracy, the individual matters - even though it is linked to his "worth" to the society.

I can live with that!

redbean said...

i still believe that regardless of all political systems, ultimately it is the power that be that makes the system to serve the people or to serve themselves.

bush and his gangsters have hijacked the american system into one that operates like the triads in taiwan. they grab all the power they want under all kinds of guises. as the number two sheriff in asia, australia is just taking the queue from the mafia boss.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You're forgetting one thing: democracy is a from of tyranny. Democracy casued this state of affairs.
TIP: Whenever you have a removal of freedom, look for govt interference, then look for the political support behind it.

As long as there are no individual rights (which is different form the much touted 'human rights') nor complete private property as an extension of individual rights, political systems will morph into total controls, with all the fruit going to the 'chieftains'.

ALL political systems are based on power, not freedom, and thus are justified in the use of power - power of the majority in the case of democracy.

"Might is Right". That means the majority has the power to usurp everything and all property rights of the individual.

Most of the noise emanating from Australia is from these "democratic" buggers - who know that they have a chance of changing things by bearing down with the might of the majority.

As far as the anti-sedition laws go - most people support it - and so the govt argues that it has a "mandate".

Once again, the individual is silenced, by the political might.

Hey,man, I'm not surprised ;-)