the arrogance of western powers

"Israel - and not only Israel - cannot accept a nuclear Iran," Sharon warned recently. "We have the ability to deal with this and we're making all the necessary preparations to be ready for such a situation." The order to prepare for a possible attack went through the Israeli defence ministry to the chief of staff. Sources inside special forces command confirmed that "G" readiness - the highest stage - for an operation was announced last week. the above is reported in the london sunday times. i must say here that i am not anti western powers but simply pissed off by their arrogance and the bullying of the weaker non western nations. and i am simply putting the truth and reality for all to see. the usa did not like certain countries, not their leadership or political system, not their nuclear ambition. so it is acceptable to attack or declare war with those countries. now the israelis also behave in the same manner. and they tell the whole world that they are friendly nations. and the silly world of third world minds all believe them and cheer, the usa is a friendly and peace loving country. imagine what would happen if any non western country dare says that they are going to attack another country. even without saying it, they are constantly being lambasted by western media as hostile and aggressive. china is a number one case. it's hostilitly is perceived! no need to say anything or do anything aggressive. in the case of those with nuclear ambition, the ambition alone is aggressive and gives the usa, and now israel, a right to attack them. when is the foolish world going to wake up and stand up to these hostile and warmongering nations who are wolves in sheepskin? they are the mafia of the world. what if every country adopts this policy? what if our neighbours also adopt this policy and say we are getting too powerful? it is a very dangerous precedent that the world body must stop it once and for all.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, Sorry have not been on your blog for a few days. I balek kampong (Segamat)to see the family. Now back and just read your blog on this topic, which incidental is something I am very interested in. Maybe you can answer this question for me, a question that has troubled my mind for a long time. How is it that Israel has been allowed to possess nuclear weapons when no other third world countries can come close to processing enriched uranium?????? I think it is only fair that if we are seeking a nuclear-free middle-east, then Israel should be disarmed too. Your thoughts on this please.

redbean said...

hi speed,

the world has been dominated by the europeans for the last 500 years. that is a damn long time. the portugese, the spaniards, the dutch and the british and now pax america. they have ruled the world and set the rules.

israel was created by them after the second world war. germany wanted to wipe out the jews. the brits too did not quite like the jews. so did the rest of the european and america. but the jews are better than the arabs.

at that time the jews were pathetic. and the western powers were kind to them and created israel from palestinian lands colonised by the british.

and they grew from strength to strength. now they actually own america. and with money, they bought their way through everything.

like the brits creating a thorn in the heart of southeast asia to balance to protect their interests, the west would like a thorn like israel to balance the influence of the arab world. why not. a dagger cutting through arab land. any instability is to the benefit of the western powers.

this is realpolitik. all got to do with national interests and balance of power in favour of the power of the day.

i used to play golf at segamat golf club. quite an experience going there. people are nice and the air is different.

Speedwing said...

But, Redbean, you have not answered my burning question in my last posting. How come Israel possess the nnuke without the world crying foul???

Anonymous said...

Let me answer your question on behalf of redbean.

Israel is deemed a responsible and rational country while Iran is deemed the opposite in the eyes of the western countries.

Hopes this answer your question.

Anonymous said...

Can we be sure that Israel will be responsible???

Anonymous said...

Israel will never pass the nuke to terrorists to blackmail the western countries.

Anonymous said...

if they can bomb innocent people indiscriminately, i am sure they are very capable to do the unthinkable!!!

redbean said...

thanks anonymous, for answering speedwing.

there are many aspects to the issue and the passing of the bomb technology to israel have many reasons. there are the big power politics, oil politics, money politics and like anonymous said, the west perceived israel as a reliable friend while iran is a unstable regime with unpredictable leaders.

given their track records, extremism and a religion that is in conflict with christianity, iran is dangerous. and one cannot ignore their rivalry with israel.

but perception is one thing and may not be true. north korean is another example when the usa insists on painting the north koreans as irresponsible and dangerous people. unfortunately not many people agree with the usa except its close allies.

for one, the south korean did not believe in the usa. so did singapore. our leaders have openly stated their views that the younger kim is a very careful man. this is diametrically different from the usa claiming that he is near insane, xenophobic, unpredictable etc etc. this nonsensical view of the usa is costing them dearly in the eyes of the south koreans.

another point is that countries that possessed nuclear weapons somehow realised how dangerous they are and became very discreet in keeping the technology from passing.

of course iran could be just an exception.

the israelis are just too small a nation and perhaps the west agreed to let them have the bomb as a deterrent against the arabs. when force to they will use it.

israel cannot disarm. no way, as it will mean their immediate destruction at the emergence of a wild leader in its neighbourhood. there is no room for error in the case of israel's own survival.