the americans want to embarrass north korea

the americans is still trying their best to embarrass north korea by washing their dirty linen in south korea. and they want the south koreans to be a party to it. they are holding a joint conference with their human rights group to denounce north korea's human rights record. and they want the south koreans to screw up their north korean brothers. and they think the south koreans are still as silly as the koreans of the past to let them manipulate to fight among themselves? how out of time are the americans? the british were smart enough to know that their time was up when they have to give independence to their colonies in the 1940s after the second world war. only tony blair thought that they could return to those days of playing one third world country against another. and in korea, when the two koreans are so keen to reunite their country, and the usa keeps trying to drive a wedge in between them. such myopic policy making can only happen in a regime that is totally out of touch with the reality. keep it going, america. the two koreans will love you and will embrace you as two divided countries biting at each other. long live the empire.

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