american deceit

the declassification of secret documents in the usa has confirmed that the gulf of tongkin incident did not occur. it was a fabricated lie by the usa to justify its full scale bombing of north vietnam and the escalation of the vietnam war. the typical american apologists refused to admit guilt and claimed that another idiotic usa president johnson decided to attack north vietnam without knowing that the incident was a fake ala george bush and tony blair in their attack on iraq. can the world and the world body tolerate these acts of aggression from two superficially friendly and highly righteous countries without any admonishment? would the world and those who read the western media and staunchly vouched for the goodness of these two regimes still remain as stubbornly supportive and refused to reassess their positions? would vietnam have any recourse for war compensation and reparation against the usa and take the usa to court? the world has been conned by the west, especially the usa and britain for too long. would the third world mentality or the mentality of the once colonial people stand up and say shit to shit? or would they remain to live in the delusion and spin stories that the west wanted them to believe?


Anonymous said...

So what is new? When you are so powerful and using economic blackmail you can always get away with murder, which I am sure they do quite often.

redbean said...

it is good that the truth keeps surfacing to let the firm believers know that they had been deceived all these while. and for hardcore believers, it takes many cases in order to cleanse up their old position. but many will not want to change their old beliefs.

the wmd justifications is the best example of people ignoring truth. they don't bother about right or wrong, true or false anymore.

but it will do some good for those whose views are still open and not fixed. or else the next generation will still believe in the truth of their parents.

Anonymous said...

With so much influence from the US, from KFC, McD, BK, CSI etc, I am afraid the next generation is doomed to following the American ways. I am not saying that they are all bad, but I think our next generation must be taught to be very selective on what US model to follow and what to discard. However, here again the economy of the world rules and many govt, large and small alike, often end up becoming yes-men just to receive a few crumbs falling off the American table.

What do you say. We need not look too far for an example of these yes-men.

redbean said...

we are too vulnerable because of the situation we are in. also too small. some of the things we have to do are unpleasant but necessary. but they all comes with risk. we are placing our bets and hopefully it is right. a wrong bet can cause us everything.

we are leaning very hard on the americans. hopefully they did not sell us out one day.

Anonymous said...

The US govt will do what is best for the US govt. If by chance we happen to benefit from that, then well and good. Unfortunately what is good for the US may not be good for us. If that is the case then tough luck, w will have to fend for ourselves.

redbean said...

true. if one day they find the indons or malaysians more useful, we will be dropped like a coconut.

let's hope our neighbour will continue to be a nuisance to the usa : )

are we bad?

Anonymous said...

Just read that blogging in Singapore is open to prosecution if the wrong thing is written. Better be very careful Redbean. Don't want to see you in Changi prison.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

word is cheap. so there is a tendency for people to blare at anything. on the other hand, singaporeans are too restrained and inhibited to open up. for too long, since the colonial days when the subjects better shut up and just mind their own business till what we are today, this submissive and fear of authority have taken a toll on our mindset. we are paying the price for it today for churning out generations of unthinking people with suppressed opinions, unable to articulate coherently.

chatting, gossiping, blogging or discussion happens everywhere and all the time. the difference is being rational and responsible. if singaporeans cannot talk about issues concerning us, then what have we become?

but it is important that in discussion we do not attack people personally. also, we should not incite violence or disharmony over issues like race and religion. but that doesn't mean that these topics are taboo. discussing them in a mature way, like they did in schools or tertiary institutions is necessary and helpful.

i will always stick to issues. everyone has his views and ways of looking at things. in many things there is no right or wrong views. only logical or illogical views, sensible or insensible views.

if this state has no room for alternative views, then we are doomed. we cannot be prisoners in our own home.

Anonymous said...

Well said, totally agree with you. There are also many who would not agree with you on that, especially here in the beautiful, peaceful and safe country.

redbean said...

there definitely will be people who will disagree with my views. that is taken and acceptable. there will also be other divergent views. no matter how blinkered or conditioned we are, everyone is still an individual and think or react differently.

with internet and higher education, and a widely travelled people, the world has changed in the minds of every singaporeans. you can only gagged them in some ways. but their true feelings and views will always be there, concealed or articulated in a different setting.