al zarqawi's iraq force in china

according to debka weekly, dec 7, a small unit of al zarqawi's iraq force (part of al qaeda) has been assigned a new mission: to a start a campaign in china. it then went on to describe in detail how the small potent force smuggled into a chinese border town of kushi in xinjiang in nov, absorbed into the muslim extremist cells there. the fine details were astonishing, with names of places for secret rendevous, names of some terrorist leaders were also mentioned. this gives the impression that someone was closely monitoring all their movements, tracking them and knowing exactly what these secret forces were up to. funny thing is that no one was able or willing to nab them along the way. and the information was passed on to the russians and the chinese who were all caught by surprise and stumbling all over to pass the information around and trying to intercept them. with such detail information, no one can afford not to take them seriously. it is better to assume that it is true than to be sorry. one question to ask is why would the iraqi forces fighting the americans in iraq want to mess up china and drag china and russia into the fray to wallop them? are these arabs that stupid? that if russia and china were to standby quietly on the side lines, they would have more rooms to play with against the americans, only one enemy and one front? the second thought that comes to my mind is that this could be another disinformation paid by the americans to drag the russians and chinese into the conflict. ask a simple question. who is going to benefit from this information? why or how could such a covert operation by the iraqi forces becomes public knowledge? it is like news of a boys scout excursion trip rather than a serious discreet cell whose movements are meant to be very secretive. if the americans are so good in all their intelligence and monitoring of the insurgent activities, the war in iraq and afganistan would have long been over. osama would long have been caught. now, is this news genuine or another story from spin doctors. just wondering. this news is available at littlespeck.com today.

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