young punks versus old hags

singapore is now a land of the young punks. all the old hags have been banished to wash toilets, sweep the roads and wait at tables. old hags in singapore's definition refer to those who are 45 and above. in any organisation one steps into, it is noticeable that the staff are of the sweet and bubbly type, all below 40. any capable singaporeans shall be able reach the position of a ceo/gm/president before they hit 40. this is the structural imbalance in the employment market that is present singapore. there is no room for the old hags, except for the old old hags, which there are a very few that grabbed very tightly to a few plum positions that they will not let go. ignoring this very small group in their special bastion of privilege positions, the rest of the old hags are left high and dry, to fend for themselves. if they are lucky, they got to serve young punks at fast food restaurants or kopitiams. if not, they became mobile art pieces that lined hdb void decks or walkways along chinatowns. singapore will be a much more vibrant and interesting city if a drug can be found to put all these old hags to sleep. it will then be the most beautiful city state, with beautiful greenery, flowers and also young and beautiful people. welcome to paradise on earth.

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