the world is burning

with the latest explosion in jordan, the bombings in bali and india, with france burning, are we seeing the world on fire? the possibility of this happening is very real. how does it all started? after the second world war there was a gradual relaxation of immigration policies, allowing freer movements of formerly colonised people to move to the countries of their ex colonial masters. must be a kind of retribution for the plundering and exploitation during the colonial days. the new waves of immigration was not seen in that light. it was democracy and human rights and a kind of payback time to the colonised. but all these need not be that bad. it requires more ingredients to transform and bring the bits together to be what it is today, the seed of discontent and social unrest. one can probably trace the beginning of this structured violence or terrorism to osama, and a little further back in time, to the americans who helped to organise, train and armed them. they were taught how to organise, given the knowhow to built bombs and how to explode them. and the injustice in the middle east coupled with the continuous exploitation, control and domination of the arab/muslims by the west, in particular the americans, have now developed into an international movement of terrorism. the network of these little cells of insurgents, well trained and independent, will keep mushrooming and duplicate themselves across national borders and bring the fight to all corners of the world. the sparks are flying, and fires are starting everywhere. europe is on fire, the usa is awaiting, and so is the world. if it continues to escalate, it will be a very different kind of warfare at a global scale, a third world war, fought with different ground rules, different tactics and strategies, and different kinds of soldiers and arms. any place at any time can be a war zone.

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