why the need for a crooked bridge

there are always the daily grind and jam at the causeway and the second link. maybe these jams are used as the ultimate proof for a crooked bridge. why don't both immigrations just open all the custom/immigration counters for a month and see whether there is any more jams? provided of course all the officers actually perform their duties normally and not go on a work slow campaign to prove a different point. i think the singapore side has most of the custom booths open most of the time. it is the malaysian side that often has only a few booths open. if they cannot find the manpower to fill up all the booths, how are they going to fill up all the additional booths in an enlarged immigration checkpoint serving a presumably more efficient crooked bridge with more traffic? this is like forcing a square peg into a round hole. by hook or crook, the square peg must be made to fit.


Anonymous said...

its not to ease traffic congestion.. its to allow the water to flow.. have u seen th straits of johor? its smelly and filthy black.. no enviromental agency is going to fix the problem because of border issues.. the crooked bridge will fix the problem.

redbean said...

the singapore river was once black and dirty and smelly. the govt did not try to cut another canal to improve water circulation.

instead, the govt tackled the cause of the pollution at its source. it is the polluted water flowing into the river that is causing the problem. the river is connected to the sea just like the two sides of the johore straits. if they need the water to move under the causeway there are much more cheaper ways of doing it.

to keep the water quality good, the johore govt must prevent polluted water from the industries and households flowing into the river.

anyway, the water in the johore strait is pretty good. nothing compare to the singapore river. people can still go fishing along the straits. the fishes know whether the water is polluted or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I think your info is outdated...you can see now that it is always the Singapore side whether it is entry or exit that has the bottleneck. Especially on the entry to Singapore because you find a lot of Malaysian cars that start to ask for the white card and filling them in at the counter. I wonder why there is no counter for them to collect the white card and also seperate place for them to fill int.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

on this point i must agree. so the real problem, or the solution, is not a bigger and more expensive bridge. it is the people and the intent to keep the traffic flow smooth and efficient at the both ends of the causeway and the second link.