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who guards the guards?

narayana narayana wrote in the today paper raising the question 'who guards the guards' in the case of the sgx. the problem is obvious and permeates through all levels of our society. and nobody wants to know about it. call it whatever names, this sickness is a sickness that we will pay dearly in times to come. we do not need murphy's law to tell us that what can go wrong will go wrong. the cracks are appearing everyday. the next stage of our history and development will be how to patch or coverup all the wrongs that irritatingly keep popping up. when the rot starts, it always starts small, with one or two presumably innocent mistakes or slip ups. but it will pour like torrential rain without warning and sweep away everything. everything that is built on weak foundation or false premises will be torn away.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Redbean, I do not know the true meaning of your veiled message. Ofcourse I do appreciate your reason to be candid, but I cannot grasp the message!!??

redbean said...

good morning anonymous,

the king's new dress is for all to see. it is no longer candid anymore. perhaps that is why there is a stony silence on many things.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Redbean, I have come across " the king's new dress" before somewhere, but I still do not get it. Why is it that I get the feeling that the message is out there and I am too stupid or ignorant to grasp it. To a Singaporean it may be obvious, but it is way over my head.

redbean said...

hahaha, you must be one of those underprivilege asians whose nursery rhymes and bedtime stories do not belong to the genre of cinderella, snow white and the beast, london bridge is falling down and yes, the king's new, a favourite story in the kindergarten.

the story was about a king who was dressed in an imaginery robe and when he asked his courtiers how did it looked and they all replied, very nice. they were too polite to say they saw nothing but everything.

Anonymous said...

I still cannot see how it applies to whatever that is going on in Singapore?

I know all the nursery stories, but I really like to know thw implication to what is happening in Sungapore???

redbean said...

a straight forward case will be the nkf. once people get use to having big appetite, then it is acceptable to have big appetite. $600k is considered peanuts when it is hell of a lot of money to many people.

when vested interests are involved, people are blind to their own wrong doings, including organisations.

Anonymous said...

Gotcha Redbean, many thanks