when europe burns

europe is on tenderhooks. will it burn like france or is it a matter of when? the unleasing of hostilities by migrants in france and england, and the breakup of a terrorist group in australia may be the watershed for more things to come in the area of immigration. will there be a called for a new set of rules in view of the new challenges and dangers posed by immigrants? the last 50-60 years of relaxation and generosities showered on migrants, especially from ex colonies, is hinting towards a payback time. many of the migrants still find difficulties in integrating into their adopted countries, or refused to be integrated and became outcasts and marginalised. would this revelation, this new experience, called upon all the choice countries for third world migrants to make a conscious decision to change the rules of immigration? would the new rules be one sided, demanding that immigrants must sign an understaking to accept the laws, culture, custom, language and habits of their adopted countries and discard their racial, cultural and religious baggage at home? would immigrants no longer have the comfort and flexibility to impose on their adopted countries their weird and unique customs and culture and ways of life? for the problems and pain that the immigrants are forcing onto their adopted countries, it is not farfetched for these countries to review their immigration rules and turnaround to make demands on the immigrants, or else seek the safer way out, don't come. on hindsight, why would the generosities of the host countries by exploited and violated by migrants who chose or begged to come and came with all their problems? this is not what the host countries bargained for. singapore is still adamant in playing the immigration card, ever willing to accept immigrants to solve its domestic population problem. is it a shortsighted policies that will also lead to a payback time in years to come? the experience of the founding migrants is very different from these new migrants in a changing world. the old migrants are less demanding than the new breed in a new world order and with more demanding expections. will we pay the price like france and europe is paying now? or can we afford the price if the policies became our folly?

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