what can singaporeans do best that others can't?

practically in every area, what we can do others can. we had our little advantage as a result history and our location. but the changing of winds is taking the wind out of our sail. our advantage is fast disappearing. there is one area though, that we still seem to excel. we are still admirable by the world in terms of govt. i am not referring to political system. our civil service and statutory boards are perhaps the best in the world, as long as they keep their fingers away from private enterprises. planning, coordination, organising and developing infrastructures and systems of township are our expertise, so far unmatched elsewhere. and of course, our incorruptibility. other than a few stray cases, our govt services are still probably the cleanest in the world. maybe we should think of exporting our expertise in these areas to the world. many countries need great planners to develop their infrastructure and town planning, and in economic development. and we have many experienced and skill people that are highly regarded in these fields. just in the prime minister's office alone we can carve out two teams, one headed by lky and anther by choktong, to be made available to the world. we don't really need a prime minister's office with 3 prime ministers, 2 deputy prime ministers and another 2 or 3 ministers. their skills and experiences can be marketed. they have great value to offer to others who are struggling to get their countries in order. and we need to do it now with lky around. he will be the prize catch for any country who is willing to pay for his service, plus those experienced civil servants. this is a field that we are unparalleled, and we have many able bodies to offer to the world, some retired, some about to retire, some hanging around waiting to do something useful. the singapore government consultancy service!


Matilah_Singapura said...

Question: "what can singaporeans do best that others can't?"

Answer: Believe in myths and defend those mythical beliefs to the death?...

... sorry, just guessin' :-)

redbean said...

sometimes the way or the tao of nature makes things happened and people believe that it is all their credits. we did it, we did it.

but when at times whatever they do could not change anything then blame it on somebody else.

we used to think that we were great and can do a lot of things which other people can't. but things are changing so rapidly that everyone is able to do what we did.

the myths are shattering.

Elfred said...

The exact question is not really a good one. The issue is what can Singaporeans do best outside Singapore that others can't or what can Singaporeans do best in Singapore that others can't.

Put it simply... this subtly hits a sorta goverance issue in philosophical sense. In the simplest, when Singaporeans are guppies, the correct definition of laws of the Pond Water makes a great growth...

When Singaporeans are (or trying to be) whales, what happen if we persist in the laws of Pond water?

Now there, is this question: What can Singaporeans do best that others can't? provide us?

Which such thinking also links to the issue of aristocracy/snobbishness of any regime, which is a form of classification.

Given the millions of Singaporeans, how many percentage can justify to the initial purpose of huge investment of upgrading education, ie. to be mobile for the world market at ease?

But how many are stuck in this environment kinda yield the answer already.

redbean said...


what matilah said makes sense. it is all about how to spin a myth. after repeating a few more times people will start to believe.

we are only as good as we are on home ground.

Elfred said...

There are myths everywhere... In Malaysia there was this Mickey Myth, in USA there's this War Myth, in China... it's all over the places in red characters.

Now, is that the issue of which the world is living by, like or not, or is it the world itself...

As I mentioned many times... it's the people who is the problem.

There was this 70yo over taxi driver who told me he received very very very sickening attitude from his MP, and went on talking and talking to me. I literally told him if his MP is that such, it's not necessarily true for all.

Well, he got a brother living in our area, naturally, I offered him to give PAP(MP) a chance telling him to find me.

He came. But here, I was suggested to avoid doing so in future. To me, it's definitely politically right thing to do.

So here... which is the myth? :D

You can help... only to that extent, Reddie. The people must help themselves first. Or how else (eg) am I suppose to proceed?

This is the society, of which the myth is only in the wisdom of the people, nothing much otherwise.

redbean said...


you mean that you invited him and he came and someone told you that was not a right thing to do?

Elfred said...

Come to think of it... It might just as well I shouldn't be a busybody and I should just let people curse PAP(MP) instead.

Whatever I do, I suppose I have done enough. In any case, I have my go for enough time.

It's now up to the rest.

I alone can help not the world, nor stop any bleeding. The setting has been set in such manner, and... it's still the same old thing: The people must help themselves by wise-ing up more if (eg) they wanna ever self-regulate.

Today they curse PAP (MP), tomorrow should some opposition becomes incumbent, they'd go on doing the same... and so on.

And elements as myself will go on serving people who'd never understand that you gotta lend strenght to those who'd meaning help you. And to do so, you (the society) need to be wiser for such recognition.

It's kinda hopeless situation, either way.

redbean said...


sometimes screaming helps. buangkok residents were grumbling and eventually screamed. and the white elephants appeared and disappeared.

but it was loud enough.

Elfred said...

If I scream loud enough, will anyone post me out to China? :D


Let them be.

I am thinking... if it's so prestigeous to be waiters and cleaners out there to foreigners, why don't migrate those foreigners here to serve as waiters and cleaners no matter the education, and migrate Singaporeans out there to be professionals instead? Hehehehehe...

Career... I kinda have no expectation for a career in Singapore.

Scream may be the Thais...

Scream may be the Singaporeans...

Singaporeans living as the Thais...

Thailand running the way as Singapore, and vice versa... :D

Sigh... We have to do something about it... soon.

redbean said...

dear elfred,

just pack and go when you are still young. there are many things you can do in china. do not be constrained by what you think you can do or train to do.

be there and everthing will fall into place.

Elfred said...

In this I really need (yes, need) your advice, if you or anyone got good ones.

What do you think 'everything will fall in place' means? It's not me to wanna waste my time in Singapore, doing things not exactly suitable... Unlike what leaders used to claimed, there are many including me willing to get out of this comfort zone.

But of course, if I'd need to do something, where in the hack can I grab good start up capital while retaining youth? :D

Come on... please elaborate.

Thanks a million.

redbean said...

for a start, elfred, knock on all the singapore companies who have a prsence in china and offer your service.

there are many chinese companies listed in our stock exchange or going to be listed. they need accoutants to run their accounts using our system. if you are accountancy trained. offer yourself to those companies bring chinese companies here.

just asking for money, not easy. one area that currently is getting a lot of interest is education here. tie with a few privately run universities to do recruitment for them, maybe each contribute a small sum for an office in china with you sitting there.

Elfred said...

The education thingy is ok... Maybe I'd try writing to them...

I prefer to be posted there for a while first before any venturing... but I am no accountant.

But here...

Never mind.


redbean said...

look at my link on singapore education. you can email me and discuss more on this if needed.

Elfred said...

Singapore education...

From my personal experience, it's a disaster be it as a student or a job-applicant.

The problem is when there's a problem in being a job-applicant, there's a problem to be a student.

If there must be such involvement in overseas education, I'm hesitant we should commit any more sins to intro others of which we clearly know otherwise is.

We are all aware MOE recruits (eg) Chinese teachers directly from China who undergo Chinese education system, and we have many lecturers in various subjects from India as well.

Why should I set up to recruit students from China to subject them to job-applicants in education from China or India? Might as well we open an institute directly in China and provide opportunities to the international talents' wives and myself.

OK. The problem is capital in time. Just as a lawyer pointed out, in dismay, that the local current arrangement sucks.

I don't see much future in this company in aid of my course, so Reddie, I'd have to make a quick decision. I don't like dangling too long.

There must be a way to get a career somewhere else. Will rather rob than go WTC, makes no (shameless) difference.

redbean said...


you are a good man with a good heart. it is very important to analyse what an organisation is doing before joining them.

you take your time and hope you will find a good company that shares your goodness.

Elfred said...

Which is why I don't seem to fit in in Singapore.

I turned down an offer to collaborate years back to recruit (as middleman) (ignorant) mainlanders to be fill up local (cha-pa-lan) private institution.

If I were to make that kinda money, I won't wait till now.

But so said... there must be a position somewhere suitable for a person as myself. Any bright idea?

redbean said...

hi elfred,

it is not easy to find a job to fit your talent and high moral standard.

try australia. they have very high moral standards. but you must tell them that you stand for anti capital punishment first.

Elfred said...

Be careful when you said such things...

Cos you either mean local civil services can accomodate any lower moral standards or good men and women cannot succeed with turning to malice... or what. :D

Interestingly, I won't refute such if you mean so.

Maybe it's destined Singapore should be flooded with Durai-s and such.

God bless Singapore.

redbean said...


you are saying things that i did not say. i am encouraging you to join the australians. there are many well meaning good souls downunder.

you take good care of yourself and happy job hunting.

Elfred said...

Yeah... Obviously not easy.


Elfred said...

After hearing the mainlanders' sick thinking that's so unreasonable, which is kinda same with the many accusations and redundant calls made by some leaders... I decide to resign later.

I don't see any point continue learning here. It's a f@@k up thinking problem.

Cultural revolution... has indeed been quite damaging.

Even if there's a chance to be posted out, can't be bothered anymore.



redbean said...


why are you so impulsive and thinking of resigning? where are you and what are you doing now?

Elfred said...

In office, and that's why I don't log on to YP forum but here.

I rather go jobless then to work alongside with such crappy thinking people.

1.'Singaporeans are non-competitive...'
2.'Singaporeans are not poor cannot compete...'
3.'Singapore rely on family and nation...'

1. Yeah... Our education and governance cannot be as good as China, I see.

2. Yes, we should urge MM to allow more bankrupts and beggars on street and probably flood MPS with more asking for grants.

3. Yes... Singapore government is probably the most bo-chap government and Singaporeans are orphans in them homeland without anyone to rely upon, and we expect a mature society to help one and other... yeah rite.

Totally trash, utterly humiliating. What 'other people can find job why Singaporeans cannot? I see China migrants happily working in Singapore...'.

F**k how I know why we are expected to buy a d@mn house several times more expensive than others? F**k how I know why I cannot stop the economic downturn?
F**k how I know why I can't get working experience when fresh grads found it hard to start around 2000?

F**king thinking from a mainland bunch whose S$2000/mth set them off nicely with a bungalow ready at their homeland later in life and I still need to struggle in Singapore, and constantly weary of ICA, SIAS and such with my mariage and my investment and etc.

What f**k???

If I don't resign...




Should I thank the government for going all the way throwing piles of monies to invite foreigners and nurture them to laugh at Singapore; when our own people are searching for crumbs and opportunities to be nurtured...




F**k care, just get me out of here...

redbean said...


you are indeed very angry and upset today. and to listen to all the craps in your office.

does your mp really understand the problems singaporeans are facing?

Elfred said...

So what if he or his colleagues would care or spare a thought to know.

After all, after force education which exhausted most of the youth's time over the then regimes and boasting of world class education, '...Singaporeans ain't competitive...'.

Is he suppose to do anything about such mentality that exist not only in these people, but also in many Singaporeans' puny minds? Or is he just do the easier thing: shut me up.

As a political leader, he's expected to do something, nonetheless. If he'd expect me to inform him steadily, I'd have to know I could do so. So said, you ain't gonna expect me approach people whom obviously go 'meritocracy' all the while in my life faithful with scholars, come between my marriage, honor some white knight who'd threaten to sue me, jam up a crappy NS, rejected my applications twice to educate the people when you can see for yourself the type of educators they have recruited... in short, you look through the entire parliament and as people claimed... who'd represent such commoners?

I'd have to argue that MM has failed miserably in education that even a foreign diploma holder is much more competitive than a degree holder in Singapore...

Foreigners gotten too 'happily' smooth/proud in Singapore when laughing at Singaporeans of which Singapore has given them the opportunities to be nurtured, instead of Singaporeans themselves.


I am a very reasonable person... it's really very enraging to enrage me to such extent... Such craps...

I shan't wanna disturb the MP since I am hoping to quietly retire... if the government is gonna buckle up, things will improve without me saying much.

Besides, there're so many scholars and As out there with louder voices... and so many top graded high quality social leaders.

redbean said...


perhaps we need more charles chong and ong ah heng.

it's a bit like flying sq. the sia girls will only be sweet and nice to non singaporeans. if you are singaporeans, you take care of yourself despite you paying the same price for the tickets.