western view has made china into a hostile expansionist state

the western media, scholars, analysts and leaders have been constantly painting the picture that china, as the emerging superpower, is hostile, aggressive, expansionist and dangerous. on the other hand, the current number one superpower, the usa, is friendly, benevolent and deserves to bash everyone around, and is not dangerous. let's see where are the chinese military forces and which country they have invaded and which country they are planning to invade. taiwan, yes they threaten to take taiwan by force. now next? where, which country? are they going to attack the usa or japan? by the way, taiwan is a renegage province of china and china has declared that it will try to reunite taiwan peacefully as long as taiwan does not declare independence. in other words, they will not attack unless taiwan provoke china. and taiwan is not a sovereign independent nation. let's see what the friendly usa did. they invaded iraq. have their forces fighting in afganistan and some east european states. they are planning to attack north korea, demanding that north korea accept their terms on nuclear disarmament. they are planning to invade saudi arabia, syria, iran, sudan. all these are on their cards. how many countries in the world today has invaded another country and planning to attack a whole list of countries? now is china a dangerous expansionist power or usa? on what basis is china expansionist and on what basis is usa not dangerous?

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