US cannot win against china: tokyo governor

this is the title of an article from washington covering the visit of shintaro ishihara to the usa. the article is reposted in the straits time on 5 nov. the reasoning of ishihara is that usa will lose to china because beijing 'holds no value at all for human life.' what a crap coming from a japanese nationalist/militarist who insisted on visiting the yasukuni shrine to hero worshipped war criminals. and it gets the temperature boiling after watching elizabeth choy on channel newsasia recounting her harrowing experience while being tortured by the barbaric japanese during their occupation of singapore. strip the japanese of their well tailored suits and all the trappings of wealth and respectability, you will find a vicious animal beneath. since the communist chinese came to power in 1949, it has never started a war with any nation except when provoked. compares this with the number of countries that the japanese invaded during the second world war and the atrocities and cruelties they inflicted on the people of the invaded countries. did they value the lives of the invaded nations? also compares how many countries the americans have invaded or started a war since the end of the second world war. the vietnamese just protested to washington a few days ago not to whitewash the gulf of tonkin incident, that it was the us navy that created that incident to launch a massive military campaign in vietnam. and now the invasion of iraq under a false premise of wmd. and next will be saudi arabia, under the pretext of protecting the royal family from an internal rebellion. next on the line for invasion could be syria, iran and north korea. very likely syria and iran will be invaded first under some false accusations. and the usa is famed to be the policeman of the world, the most peace loving nation. the most dangerous development is the sinister alliance between this evil empire and japan, the wolf in sheepskin. the world is going to be very dangerous with abe and aso and ishihara backing up the modern day samurai in the name of koizumi. the rise of japanese militarism is on the card and all the players are in place. and in washington there is a cowboy that behaves like hitler and surrounded himself with a gang of mafia chieftains. the protest in argentina is a sign of how the rest of the world is seeing through the american hypocrisy.

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