two days to go before kingdom comes

in another two days nguyen van tuong will be history. the australian govt has done its best and knew that nothing else can be done. their conscience is clear. time to move on. they have pleaded for the mother to have a last hug of her son before the final moment comes. let us all share a moment of grief with the poor mother for a son that she will see no more. and let us pray that no one will come to our shore with another bag of drugs. please for your own good and everyone's good, do not come here. singapore and singaporeans shall beg all the drug traffickers and drug abusers for mercy, to spare us the agony and let us live in peace. do not put us in a position to be condemned as barbarians again. have mercy on us.


Anonymous said...

My sympathy goes to his mother. I am a parent myself and if it was one of my sons in Changi waiting for Friday, I just cannot even imagine how I would be feeling right now. I am soory that she has to go through the rest of her life bearing this grief.

Hanging or capital punishment of any kind is not my idea of justice. Taking a life is just not civilise, but if the Singapore Govt thinks it is a neccessity, then the people who make the decision for the execution must live with the knowledge that they have cause the death of another human being. Hope they can sleep peacefully at night.

redbean said...

i am against capital punishment for taking the life of another man. i am for capital punishment as a deterrent to restrain others from taking life. is it thus right for society to limit the power of state to take life while allowing criminals to do so? how just are we to the victims of a murderer to save him from the gallow? and because there is no real frightening and inhuman punishment to deal with criminals, we allow criminals to do as they please, but with a life sentence.

a deterrent must be vicious enough and fear enough for it to work. nuclear weapons are so destructive that no state will ever think of using it on another state simply for the fear that the other state will deliver the same. direct wars between two nuclear powers have thus been avoided.

a drug trader is one who made a conscious choice to be a drug trader and knowing all the consequences and the harm it will bring. unlike a drug abuser who started by abusing himself with no intent to hurt others.

a murderer very likely killed only one person. the harm that a drug trader caused is not measurable and could be very much worst.

i have no problems living with the death penalty as a deterrent. i have no problem with fines for spitting or chewing gums. i do not choose to walk that road and society must make it known to those who choose to take that road that they will be severely punished. society must appear to be unkind to be kind.

society should not be unkind to the innocents by being kind to the criminals. that is the irony of how society turns justice and kindness upside down.