this world is perfect...perfectly flawed.

there are people who believe that this world is perfect and man is or was perfect. but i still believe this world is flawed and man is flawed. and there is no perfection in this world. in the same way there is no perfect political or economic system, no perfect religion or political philosophy. our system of authoritative paternalism has its good and bad points. so does the american capitalism and freedom of speech, so does the communist system of state control and equal distribution of wealth. the strength of each system is also its weakness. the stronger the strength the weaker it is. the world is created for self destruction as a means of self renewal. every system fails eventually. if only we can have a bit of communism, a bit of paternalistic authoritarianism and a bit of freedom and capitalism in the right dosage and combination. but it will not be. all will come to an end and there will always be a new beginning and a new hope. a new hero and a new world. we will be destroyed by what we perceived and believed as our greatest strength.

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