stonefish, one of the most poisonous and deadly fish

following my earlier article on this deadly fish there is a report of a victim suing sentosa in today's straits times. this guy got stung in his sole, sent to the general hospital, operated, but subsequent pain cost him $20,000 with follow up treatment. the pain is still recurring. he even lost his job as a result of the pain. i had the pain for about a month and a recurring twitch and slight pain at the wound for more than a year. i must thank shell again, and all those people who helped me on that fateful day, for the treatment and antidote. the medical staff in charge just jabbed the needle with the antidote into the wound/hole, cleaned it up and i was home. no further complication. so guys, if you got stung by a stonefish, reputed as one of the deadliest fish, people have died by its sting, please go to the shell refinery in the nearby island. they are the experts. i too might have to spend $20,000 if treated elsewhere.

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