singapore second last among 41 countries in sex

in this highly competitive society when everyone is stressed out in the rat race, it is not surprising to know that singaporeans have no time or no energy for sex anymore. and the govt is trying its best to get the singaporeans sexcited by dangling carrots for singaporeans to spend more time in bed, having sex and babies. but singaporeans are just not doing it enough. were they turned off by the govt meddling with their sex lives? if not, why are they not performing or not interested in sex? other than the very demanding education system, the biggest turn off must be the cost of raising a child. the thought of it, $500,000 is needed to bring up a child through tertiary education, according to some statistics, probably cool down a lot of things. it isn't fun anymore when it becomes that costly. or shall singaporeans be told to cut down on internet, football, wines, theatres, shoppings and try to become an animal again?

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