singapore must be seen to be consistent and fair

this drug trafficker case is now the talk of the town. it is splashed all over newspapers, tv media, websites and blogs. many old cases of drug taking and trafficking were also raised to question the consistency, transparency and fairness of the law. the case of the german girl who escaped the gallow and how some absconded after being out on bail. another issue that is repeatedly mentioned is the sovereign right of a nation to maintain its law and that the law must be applied equally to all, citizens or non citizens. to treat foreigners and citizens differently will undermine the authority of the law and govt. if the singapore govt is seen to be transparent and applies the law justly, fairly and consistently to all, without exceptions, people may criticise, appeal, plead, but they will eventually back off after letting off steams. the ugly part that will stain our reputation is for the govt to be seen as unfair, showing favouritism, or treating locals and foreigners differently. if such an accusation sticks, then we will face a credibility problem. no amount of explanations can wash away the sin once the perception of unfair practice sticks. the authority needs to be very mindful of such eventuality and not be compromised by pressure from any quarters.


Elfred said...

This is actually Mr Howard and his gangs' test ground on his past political leadership.

If he cannot make Australians realise the Australia is more important than trying to go about a motion on the basis of a thug, is Mr Howard expecting Singapore to convince Australia?

Whether he have have done a great job or otherwise, we're just viewers, that's their internal issues. If Mr Howard and gang can't handle Australians, then it's not late to talk about Sovereignty and such.

redbean said...

howard is a true politician. he plays by the ground rules. the ground rules him.

so he is ever popular to those who shout loudest.