singapore is a land of big personal sacrifices

my earlier post talked about the huge sacrifice of all full blooded singapore men to perform national service as a duty to the nation. the greatest personal sacrifices actually came from our politicians. these rare talents have stepped forward to serve the nation instead of remaining in the private sector where they could earn 3 or more times what the state could afford to pay them. the state should remember the sacrifices of these humble but talented men and honour them, maybe in a house of fame. such great sacrifices for the nation are rare among leaders of the world today. we shall start to honour great men like goh keng swee, hon sui sen, rajaratnam, toh chin chye, yusoff ishak etc etc.


Anonymous said...

Real sacrifice needs no recognition.

redbean said...


real heroes did not fight for self glorification. but in our materialistic society, we must be fair to those talented people who sacrificed themselves for the good of society. otherwise people will think that they are all suckers.

some may think that they are not good enough or not talented enough. for those who are talented enough they would be paid handsomely. so these people who could not command a high income must not be deserving.

there is no free lunch. and talents must be recognised, and be rewarded. what more, these people did not even demand for a high salary. more deserving to be honoured.