singapore-drug trafficker-australia relations

it is unbelieveable that a drug trafficker could be the wedge that threatens to undermine the special relationship between singapore and australia. even howard admitted that they is a ground swell on the hanging of the australian drug trafficker. singapore is the strongest ally of australia and the link for australia to asean and the region. and australia is always very well regarded here and also a choice country for singaporeans for investment, education and migration and many other things. would such a strong relationship not withstand the hanging of a criminal? would the australian call hsien loong recalcitrant? many unpleasant words have been uttered by the australian public and some interested parties. the australian govt is also under some pressure to play to the gallery or they too would have to do some face saving for stubbornly insisting to appeal in this case. hopefully the australian leadership is not as frivolous as the public and have some sense to look at the issue from a different perspective. what about the other side of the view? are there australians who think that the drug trafficker deserved to be hanged? obviously there are except that for the moment the media is playing up the feelings of antagonism and anti singapore sentiment. responsible press or free press? eventually it will be another flash in the pan and everything will return to normal. they don't have many friends in the region and don't thing they would want to jeopardise their relations with a close ally and a staunch supporter of australia. otherwise they will look more silly than the drug trafficker.

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