singapore a chinese rogue port!

this is what an ex australian prime minister, gough whitlam uttered. despite the years of education by lky, this racist could not distinguish between singapore and china. but actually, this is his real feeling. to him, singapore has always been chinese. all his show of being civil, being diplomatic when he met lky and other singapore ministers were all an act. this guy is nothing but a ku klux klan in disguised. his modern suit, his former stature as a prime minister, all blown away by his stupid and insensitive statement. he his baring all, naked, to show who he really is. the singapore govt shall demand an apology from him. all singaporeans and politicians should be aware of this racist when they get into contact with him. he might come round in the middle of the night with his hooded gangs and lynch the singaporeans. and how many more such gang members are there down under, in disguise? perhaps this is the only good thing that can come out from the hanging of the drug trafficker, the unmasking of the racists in australia. it was not too long ago that only whites were accepted to migrate there. a land belonging to the aborigines that they grabbed and stopped other coloured people from going there. this high and mighty attitude is similar to the americans. after they have lynched enough niggers, after they have benefitted from slavery, after they have practically killed off the red indians, incidently the aussies only did away with hanging in the late 80s, they feel that they are civilised enough to lecture to the world.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Err... if there were so many racists in Oz, how come they are defending the life of a foreign-born, Asian descent naturalised Aussie?

Your analysis leads to too many nonsequiturs dear redbean ;-)

Don;t take Whiltlam too seriously. The Australian population saw thru his fakery and sacked him.

*That's* the kind of political system we have in Australia - not perfect, but at times, not bad either!

redbean said...

hi matilah,

not that there are many racists downunder. there used to be but after seeing the world a bit, after opening up, many aussies are starting to accept that coloured people can also be ok.

like i mentioned earlier, many of those shoutings are politicians trying to gain some publicity for themselves. but there are those who are genuinely kind souls who wanted to save the life of this young man.

the young man has made his choice to take a risk. how truthful is his story is everyone's guess. many are trying to score a point for themselves. by forcing the singapore govt publicly is as good as asking for a no answer. no govt can be seen to change a decision like this because of foreign pressure. they too will be booted out.

the statement by gough whitlam revealed a lot about the real man inside him.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Aussie pensioner wants hangman job
Paul Jackson

AN OUTBACK pensioner wants the job as Singapore's hangman.

And Keith Sauerwald, 65, says he would have no qualms executing convicted Australian drug trafficker Nguyen Tuong Van, who is waiting his fate in Singapore's Changi Prison.

"I hate drugs and I hate drug dealers," Mr Sauerwald, of Parap in the Northern Terrority.

"Nguyen has no right to live.

"He's been dealing in death and deserves to get what the law says in that country."

read the rest at:


redbean said...

this aussie is going to be very famous. and now more australians are standing up to pooh pooh the politicians.