singapore accused of contempt

kevin rudd, an australian opposition mp, accused the singapore govt of contempt for australia and the australian people. what a sweeping statement he is making. he assumed that australia and all australians are on his side, sharing the same view. didn't he know that many australians have expressed their support for the death penalty or at least that australia shall respect the rights of singapore as a sovereign state? it is pure arrogance on his part to think that he represents all australians in this case. and what was the cause of this accusation of contempt? all because singapore could not yield to his demand not to hang a drug trafficker who happens to be an australian, and that singapore refuses to change its policy and law to accommodate the wishes of the activists who wanted singapore to? would such attitude be a contempt of singapore and the law of singapore and all singaporeans? many singaporeans felt so and have stood up to rebut such haughty and callous attitude from leaders of a nation who deemed itself more civilised. yes, this group of people have actually accused singapore and singaporeans as barbarians. the issue now is not a law that provides for death penalty but a clash of ideas and values and a smugness that 'i am more civilised than thou.' when things take on such a tone, then it is unlikely that any good can come out from it. it is no longer learned and cultured and civil men, leaders of nations, engaging in a discourse or debate on issues and policies. it is like bushmen and cattle breeders yelling across the fence that i will shoot your cattle if they cross over. do we need to visit the circus when parliamentarians behave like clowns? we shall all have a good laugh at these silly men who are trying to say that 'i am holier than thou.' and they think the world will believe in them. it is all spoken and acted on for their own selfish egos and interests.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Most fair-minded aussies never take thier politicians seriously. I'm amazed that you do :-)

redbean said...

i do when politicians talked nonsense and deserved to get a kick in their arses.

actually what howard did was correct. talk to his counterpart quietly and see if there is a reason to get the young man off the hook without being seen as an outside initiative. but surprisingly his private talks became public talks and ended like he was trying to let the australians know that he had tried very hard. or maybe he knew that nothing else could be done so no harm giving himself some pr and the blame lies somewhere else.