sim wong hoo's miraculous achievement

sim wong hoo may seem to be losing to apple in the battle for mp3 players. but he is clinging in there, fighting for every inch of the mp3 pie. and his target is only apple. what happens to sony, panasonic, toshiba, jvc and other notable japanese world class players? the fact that all the japanese makers did not feature in the game plan of sim wong hoo tells an amazing story. hey, the singapore brand is now a head above all the japanese brands. the japanese brands are inconsequential in this battle. whether it is real or perceived, the fact still stands, that it is a battle between two giants, an american and a singaporean brand. move aside sony, panasonic, toshiba etc etc. it is creative versus apple. anybody ever thought that a singapore brand can elbow out the established japanese giants. the thought of it sounds crazy. but it is happening.

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