sex is in the air

we failed so miserably in this vital area. our manhood is at stake. we really need help. the media has been advocating more sex. slogans like 'its time to flirt' are everywhere. and the govt is also helping out, but for different reasons. the govt is only interested in what comes after consumation. they need more head counts. but the message is filtering down. we have our great sexpo in our sterile and no erection city. is there a walkover whenever a singaporean is called for an erection? does erecting annabel to the status of a national hero work? maybe singaporeans have found something greater than sex. for the computer buffs, they think of nothing when they are banging away on the screen. no sex please. no time for that. it is serious business in computer games. it lasts longer, hours even without sleep. better than marathon mahjong. who needs a few minutes of erection? with such dedication in their hot pursuits, who got time for sex? but sex is just a personal preference. some, despite whatever incentives or no incentives, sex is all they live for. some will only have sex if it is worth their while. they need to calculate what it costs in the long term. it is a matter of money, to want to have a go at sex. are there any sex symbols around to excite people to live sex? watching the local tv is for people who need to be bored to sleep. a substitute for counting sheep. sex is in the air everywhere except the box. the people passing shows for screening needs to be......sexed up a little if we really want to have sex in the air. even ypap forum is taking the cue. it might be discussed in parliament soon..... sex in parliament.

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