role of singapore media by ho kwonping

In his speech, MediaCorp Chairman Ho Kwon Ping touched on MediaCorp Group's role as a multi-faceted mirror reflecting many of the issues top most on Singaporeans' minds. Said Mr Ho, "Our mission is not to push the boundaries of aesthetic, cultural, or political expression, nor is it to promote our own points or view or agendas. That is for other change agents to do in an increasingly mature civil society. But to the extent that our mission is to provide a mirror for our own people to see themselves and their future, we will occasionally reflect views which may not even be our own, but may still upset some people." the above statement by ho kwonping is perhaps one of the most confusing statement that he has ever made. and it reflects the real and confusing status and role of the singapore media. on one hand the media, according to kwonping, is simply reporting, no views and no opinion and no stand. but then, occasionally it will reflect, not report, views that may not even be theirs but may upset some people. very funny way of expressing a kiasu, kiasi and bo chap attitude but at times still want to be gungho and be bo kia.

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