the right of reply

singapore only ask for the right of reply. that is what hsien loong told the foreign press. it is a simple and legitimate request. why is it so difficult for the foreign press to comply? are the foreign press thinking that they can say anything they want without the aggrieved party telling his side of the story? is this the western standard of press freedom? even i think that this is absolutely unfair. you just can't tell your side of the story, especially when it is distorted and with your own agenda and refused people the right of reply. what then is the motive of western press? isn't providing objective, analytical reports and the truth important? with both parties explaining their views, isn't that fair? and further, if the press is concerned with revenue, i bet, a highly charged press engaging in a discourse with the authority will be in hot demand and readership will definitely soar. isn't that good? but in reality the western press has been monopolising the media to shape the minds of the world, telling the world their distorted views and getting away with it. we may admire press freedom in the west. but make very sure that it is press freedom and not something else. make sure that it is press freedom for the truth and not concocted truth.

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