reversing technology

technology is not the only way forward. at a time when jobs were aplenty, when manpower was short, we need to mechanise and computerise to save on manpower. those days were gone. as days go by we are going to experience more and more people exiting the job market and unable to find a job. and these people have 20 to 30 years of time to spare. they need to keep themselves occupied. any jobs will do. we need to reverse technology to provide some forms of jobs for these people. so far the ideal jobs for them are cleaners, sweepers, chambermaids etc. we need to think more deeply and be more innovative in job creations. all the expensive machinery and computerised systems, satellite tracking, touch and go stuff must make way for cheaper means of doing things. they are actually not cost effective. bus conductors can do a better job and cheaper and provide jobs too. like it or not, 20 or 30% of the population will need simple and not so talented jobs. these people will not go away. they are our problems. we cannot keep on creating talented jobs for talented people and ended up inviting more foreign talents to replace our no talent citizens. the pool of this no talent citizens is going to balloon by the years.

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