the remaking of singapore, the city of pleasure

base on my crystal ball, singapore will have a very bright and exciting future. it will be a very vibrant city to be in. all the best in the world will be here, from facilities, ideas and people, yes, all the beautiful and trendsetters of the world will set up homes in singapore. it will be a city bustling with life, just for play and play and merry making. living in singapore is living for pleasures. it will have a population of young and energetic people, well off, and able to perfect their physical bodies to the best money can buy. and the streets will be stuffed with all the luxuries for the rich and famous. all the old people will not be seen. they will either be packed off to some islands for the aged or be given a dose of drug. only a handful of wise old men will survive to rule the island. but these wise old men will look like in their thirties, with the help of organ transplant and stem cell technology. the curse of ageing will be non existence in the island. the general population will be deliberately kept young and healthy to service the beautiful people of the world. it will be a paradise on earth. the city of pleasure.

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Browsed onto a page at SchoolBuddies.com. that listed reunions. It somehow sent me here. Not sure what I clicked on. Oh well... So how long have you running your own website? later, Dave